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Independent examination - an unmitigated disaster for insurance fraud

Independent examination of a car - it is usually assessment of a car after an accident, or the valuation of purchase / sale of the vehicle. Qualified experts immediately go to the place of inspection of the vehicle , where as soon as possible will be made examination and evaluation machines .
If the vehicle has been damaged, has the ability to move independently , the customer can drive directly to the procedure in the office , which is significantly accelerate the process .

Flotation ability of the car

At maintenance the car often should work with high efficiency in heavy road conditions and out of roads. For example in armies, cars are used not only as trasport facilities, but also as the fighting vehicles bearing on or towing combat material, acting in battle formations of troops.

Car drift on slippery road

As it was already noted, violation of a steady motion of the car is manifested in side drift (side-slip) or overturning of the car under the influence of a centrifugal force or cross-section inertia force.

The influence of alcohol for the period of reaction of the driver

Specific effect for the period of reaction renders alcohol, and even its small doses call considerable slowdown of reaction. Under the influence of a little of alcohol the time of reaction at the driver increases in 2 - 4 times.

So, at speed of movement of 40 km/hour the time of reaction to the appeared obstruction at the sober driver will be, approximately, 0.6 s, at the driver in a state of intoxication - 1.8 seconds In this connection will increase a way which car during reaction with 7 to 21 m will pass, and a longitudinal separation of safety with 27 to 41 m, i.e. twice.

It is time to change rubber on R18

Today my friend Valera, after one unpleasant autoincident, has fathomed, that urgently it is time to it to change automobile tyres. I have suggested it to buy rubber through the Internet. First, it is more low-cost; secondly, with home delivery (also it is possible not to go on the bald rubber on ice); and in the third shops in the Internet sampling there is more! After incontinuous search have found the suitable Internet shop «Replace Rubber».

Speed of reaction of the driver and time of complexes of reactions

One more very important characteristic of reactions and complexes of reactions is their speed. On an estimation, for example, distances to the pedestrian who has appeared on turning movement or the car the certain time is required. The time on separate manipulations with control linkages, on brake pedal pressure etc. also is required. The less this time, the is more speed of reaction of the driver.

Defects of cabins and bodies of cars

Characteristic defects of bodies, cabins, plumage and their details are corrosive damages and collapses, mechanical damages (such as indents, breakings, ruptures, bulges etc.), disturbance of the geometrical sizes, cracks, collapses of welded connections, etc.

Let's survey each of these defects separately:

Corrosion collapses

Psychology of driving and driver's activity

Research of any trade by psychology agents should begin with the analysis of psychological structure of labour activity. Such characteristic of a trade is called as professiogramma.

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