Car drift on slippery road

As it was already noted, violation of a steady motion of the car is manifested in side drift (side-slip) or overturning of the car under the influence of a centrifugal force or cross-section inertia force.

The centrifugal force originates at car driving on turning movement. It leads side to a roll of the car or conveyance of a loose cargo in a body. Cross-section inertia force can be called sharp turning movement of a rudder or sharp termination of a cross-section slip (drift) of the car. Side drift (side-slip) originates, as a rule, only on very slippery roads and steps when the acting side force exceeds a total aggregation force of sprockets with road. Side drift (side-slip) is a threshold to overturning, blow about an obstruction, i.e. To road and transport incident. On emersion of side drift of the car the big agency renders speed of driving and inept acts of the motor-man.

The reasons of drift of the car

Simply the speed at which excess there can step a side-slip or side drift, it is possible to define under simple formula from which follows, that the turning radius and factor of clutch with a ground less, the there should be a speed of driving, especially on curvilinear sections of a path less.

From practice of maintenance of cars it is installed, that side drift originates, as a rule, on slippery roads in the conditions of decrease of factor of clutch, thus usually there is a drift of sprockets of a rear axle as at a hard braking, sharp turning movement of a steering wheel, sharp opening of the butterfly governor drift of sprockets of a front axle is cancelled by act of a centrifugal force originating thus.

At turning movement on slippery road it is very dangerous to slow down or augment speed, i.e. Act brake or a pull on car sprockets reduces clutch factor.

Drift can be both a lobby, and a car rear. To prevent the begun drift of the car, it is necessary to arrive as follows: at drift of a front of the car a steering wheel turn aside, opposite to slippage of forewheels, and at drift of a rear axle of the car - towards drift.

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