Defects of cabins and bodies of cars

Characteristic defects of bodies, cabins, plumage and their details are corrosive damages and collapses, mechanical damages (such as indents, breakings, ruptures, bulges etc.), disturbance of the geometrical sizes, cracks, collapses of welded connections, etc.

Let's survey each of these defects separately:

Corrosion collapses

Corrosion collapses is a principal view of deterioration of a metal body and cabins . The electrochemical type of corrosion at which there is an interaction of metal to a solution of the electrolyte adsorbed from air Here takes place. Corrosion in places remote for clearing where moisture periodically getting to them remains long time, and, in connection with environment rise in temperature especially strongly develops, there is an intensification of reaction of oxidation. Corrosion collapses meet also as a result of contact piece of steel details to the details made of duralumin, plastic, wet wood and other materials.


Cracks arise as a result of weariness of metal, disturbance of technology of processing of metal, application of poor quality of a steel, defects of assembly of knots and the details, insufficient strength of a design of knot, and also in places subject to vibration.

Collapses of welded connections

Collapses of welded connections happen as a result of poor-quality welding, influence of corrosion, vibration and loads at normal operation of the car or as a result of emergency damages.

Mechanical damages

Mechanical damages (indents, sidesways, ruptures etc.) are a consequence of an overstrain of metal as a result of blows and flexures, and also owing to fragile joint of details.

Characteristic places of damages of cabins and bodies:

1. The car All-metal body is damaged more often:

  • front and rear apertures of windshields;
  • doorways;
  • racks under a roof;
  • front and rear longerons;
  • the left and right thresholds of the base;
  • the bottom;
  • the left and right rear mudguards;
  • disturbance of the geometrical sizes;
  • top and a bottom accordingly the left and right rear mudguards;
  • the left and right front mudguards;

2. The lorry cabin is subject:

  • collapse of welded seams;
  • ruptures;
  • indents and bulges;
  • a deflection and sidesways of racks;
  • gashes;
  • corrosion;
  • cracks.

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