Difficult complexes of reactions of the driver

In activity of the driver by a principal view difficult reactions as it constantly should estimate various signs of objects of the environment of movement are and to carry out corresponding motor actions by operating levers. Complexes of reactions, as well as in general all reactions, are estimated on some general characteristics. Any reactions of drivers are characterised by following parametres: correctness, accuracy, rate, variability. Concrete characteristics of these parametres define possibilities of this or that driver.

It is possible to explain correctness and accuracy of reactions on a following example. During any moment the situation on road requires, that the driver has turned to the right. If the driver mixes a direction and will turn to the left it is considered reaction wrong.

At the same time, except a turning movement direction, its certain radius and an angle always is required. If the driver turns to the right, but too abruptly such reaction though will be, conditionally speaking, correct, but will not be exact, and it too can lead to accident. Accuracy of reaction is very important in visual estimations of distances, rates and driving directions of the conducted car and other participants of movement.

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