Flotation ability of the car

At maintenance the car often should work with high efficiency in heavy road conditions and out of roads. For example in armies, cars are used not only as trasport facilities, but also as the fighting vehicles bearing on or towing combat material, acting in battle formations of troops.

At maintenance in troops cars should work in a spring and autumn impassability of roads, on roads of a various condition, in mountains and on plain, i.e. To execute a motion in heavy road conditions. Heavy road conditions are characterised by almost impassable sections from a various sort the obstructions hampering or restricting driving of the car: soft or slippery roads, steep slopes and descents, ditches, the big irregularities of road, water obstructions, boggy sections. For operation on such sections cars should be as more as possible passable.

As flotation ability of the car is called ability of the car to move on lack of roads, on locality with viscous and soft soils (to sand, snow, boggy sections) and also to overcome irregularities, roads at slippery, ice-covered road, etc.

Flotation ability cars of all types as for any car there can be a necessity of a cross-over from the arranged well road, journey of sections of the roads which are out of repair, driving on soil bypass roads of repaired or under construction sections of roads and bridges, driving in a winter time on ice, snow-covered roads, etc. should possess.

Some variety of an automobile transportation inevitably is carried out on lack of roads or under especially heavy road conditions. The layer pad of gas conduits and electric mains and other conveyances refer to to such conveyances, for example, export from fields of a crop of a potato, a beet and other crops during the osenne-winter period, export on fields of fertilizers, service of geological operations. At cars applied in such cases flotation ability we are the basic performance.

Heavy road conditions are reflected in productivity of the car as average speed and weight-lifting capacity use are sharply diminished.

The cars of the heightened and high flotation ability specially designed for operation in heavy road conditions, can work without degradation, despite obstructions and almost impassable sections.

On flotation ability all cars conditionally divide into three groups:

  • cars of the restricted flotation ability: biaxial and triaxial auto with not leading front axle;
  • cross-country cars: biaxial and triaxial auto with all driving axles;
  • the cross-country vehicles having special arrangement or a construction:
  • tetraaxial or multiaxis auto with all driving axles, and also half-track and amphibian cars.

Flotation ability of the car is sized up by design data and the various settlement metres installed according to over-the-road tests. To them refer to: road clearances under the lowest points of the car, the longitudinal radius of flotation ability, a car weight distribution on shafts, a size and type of tyres, specific pressure of tyres on road, clutch factor, an overall width and car altitude, the greatest depth of overcome ford, etc.

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