The influence of alcohol for the period of reaction of the driver

Specific effect for the period of reaction renders alcohol, and even its small doses call considerable slowdown of reaction. Under the influence of a little of alcohol the time of reaction at the driver increases in 2 - 4 times.

So, at speed of movement of 40 km/hour the time of reaction to the appeared obstruction at the sober driver will be, approximately, 0.6 s, at the driver in a state of intoxication - 1.8 seconds In this connection will increase a way which car during reaction with 7 to 21 m will pass, and a longitudinal separation of safety with 27 to 41 m, i.e. twice.

Besides, at the driver who is in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, coordination of movement of the arm and feet is broken, ability of estimated by eye definition of distance is lost, there is a carelessness, wrong perception surrounding, feelings are blunted, visibility converges. If at the sober driver visibility makes 150 °, at drunk only 40 ° (so-called «tunnel sight»).

Car driving in a state of intoxication is the reason of the majority of road and transport incidents and consequently is a crime.

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