It is time to change rubber on R18

Today my friend Valera, after one unpleasant autoincident, has fathomed, that urgently it is time to it to change automobile tyres. I have suggested it to buy rubber through the Internet. First, it is more low-cost; secondly, with home delivery (also it is possible not to go on the bald rubber on ice); and in the third shops in the Internet sampling there is more! After incontinuous search have found the suitable Internet shop «Replace Rubber».

They at a site navigation have very convenient filter for selection of rubber for desirable parametres. I in delight! Valery already there was an old dream to buy automobile tyres R18. For those who in the tank, I explain, R is a type designation of the tyre, i.e. the radial. Right after this letter necessarily there is a figure which means diameter of the tyre. Sometimes, Radial write also after a tyre standard size. And except tyres, there it is possible to buy a wheel disk. We have ordered disks and have still got on stock the prices!!!

Besides, having put to yourselves tyres R18 on the car, you will take the first step to external tuning of the car.

P.S. By the way, delivery from Kiev on Ukraine one tyre has managed only 33 UAH. The friend has taken advantage of services of the transport company Autolux

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