Car tuning

The company "Auto Tuning Plus" is one of the leaders of the highest class auto tuning at the Moscow market, and offers a wide range of services for your vehicle. Consider some of the types of transport services provided by the company.

Airbrush car.
Thanks to airbrushing we can make your car unique, unlike any other. When applied to the figure are only the latest technology and a new generation of paints. With a special spray gun - airbrush and special, we will create a unique aerokisti air painting on the exterior of your car.

- Installation of lights and xenon.
Highlighting not only beautify your car's interior, but adds comfort. Masters of our company will install a ceiling light and diffused light-emitting diodes in various points within the car - in their pockets and door handles, glove compartment, the pedals and floor mats. Additionally, the salon car can replace conventional light bulbs for LEDs - in selectors automatic transmission, stereo systems, climate control units and other full-time buttons.
Also, our specialists will offer xenon lamps in the near and distant light, fog lights, and, especially, to move the car back for a better view.

- Tinted glass.
Our company provides a wide range of toning films for every taste and a "pocket". Different shades of the palette of the film, from golden to amber, is ideal for even the most demanding customer. Avtoplenka provided by the Company, its high quality and does not let up to 95% of ultraviolet radiation. Trust our professionals and they will tint your car immaculate.

- Aerodynamics.
Smart cars will improve the aerodynamics of its streamlining by properly designed wing and modifying the front and rear (body kits, bumpers, spoilers.) With these essential elements improves handling car, increase the maximum speed and will have an additional downforce. Also, on request, we will be able to improve aerodynamics, improving the roof, sides and bottom surface of the car.

- Engine tuning.
The company "Car Tuning Plus" will provide the tuning of any engine in the shortest possible time. Our high-class specialists will not only increase the engine power, but to increase its working capacity, will hold a "fine-tuning" of the cylinder head with a specialized professional equipment. At your request, we will make a low-speed motor with high torque, high-speed motor and a high peak power, and necessarily feasible computerized "chip tuning" the engine.

- Interior tuning.
We provide flocking, leather seats and tuning panels, finished interior with carbon, drag the wheel with any of interest to you, material. Also, we are creating in your auto sound insulation, doors and trim update create heated seats and mirrors.
Interior design interior of the car is developed by our professional designers to meet your wishes.

- Body repair.
The presence of new equipment allows us to perform auto body repairs after the most powerful damage. We will be able to remove from the body of your car is not only the various chips, scratches and dents of varying depth, but also provide a comprehensive body repair complex with stocks.

- Integrated solutions for tuning.
Our company provides a variety of complete solutions for tuning. Among them are such as:

  1. Sport Tuning - is, above all, to improve the aerodynamic qualities of a car, speeding up and upgrading the engine to improve its speed, as well as suspension and transmission. To enhance the speed of a sports car removed the two rear seats and the front two as easy, as modified steering wheel-drive to make it extremely convenient. For added security, integrated automatic fire extinguishing system, designed a special harness, and integrated fire-resistant fuel tank.
  2. City tuning involves a strengthening of the motor car for spirited driving on the highway, improved lighting for the convenience of reverse parking, convenient to mount the perfect gear and modernization of the brake pedal to stop severe car in traffic.
  3. Off-road tuning - an adaptation of any motor vehicle for driving in bad terrain: dirt roads in the village, in the absence of roads (a car for fishing), a wetland area (auto-terrain vehicle), to the mountain or snow-covered terrain, etc.

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