Car tuning

The company "Auto Tuning Plus" is one of the leaders of the highest class auto tuning at the Moscow market, and offers a wide range of services for your vehicle. Consider some of the types of transport services provided by the company.

Airbrush car.

Dual-pass radiator against the single-pass circuit design

Dual-pass radiator against the single-pass circuit design

Theoretically and logically advantages of radiators with the circuit design two-through passage in comparison with single-pass designs are conclusive if to make the corner-stone of their chilling ability.

Tuning of Audi R8

Audi R8 is a sports car with the motor engine located in an average part of a body with equipment chiping and one of the most refined indicators among cars in its segment. Developed and made in 2006, this car symbolises many-sided nature of the Audi on road to technologies and design of a body. Originally designed also it is tested on Volkswagen projects, this car has proved the character on road, having shown a fine combination of speed and safety of the mechanism

Difficult complexes of reactions of the driver

In activity of the driver by a principal view difficult reactions as it constantly should estimate various signs of objects of the environment of movement are and to carry out corresponding motor actions by operating levers. Complexes of reactions, as well as in general all reactions, are estimated on some general characteristics. Any reactions of drivers are characterised by following parametres: correctness, accuracy, rate, variability. Concrete characteristics of these parametres define possibilities of this or that driver.

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