Independent examination - an unmitigated disaster for insurance fraud

Independent examination of a car - it is usually assessment of a car after an accident, or the valuation of purchase / sale of the vehicle. Qualified experts immediately go to the place of inspection of the vehicle , where as soon as possible will be made examination and evaluation machines .
If the vehicle has been damaged, has the ability to move independently , the customer can drive directly to the procedure in the office , which is significantly accelerate the process .
All avtoekspert and evaluators working in the office , have been working in this area for at least 3 years and have all the necessary certificates and qualification certificates , copies of which are attached to the expert opinions and valuation reports. In addition, if necessary, experts are ready to support the position of the applicant in court or any other court , giving explanations for those evidence they provided .

Examination Types In addition to assessing the state of emergency , there are several kinds of independent research vehicles .
First of all , this forensic examination of the car when an experienced expert checks the authenticity of documents on the car , engine number and checks the body with the data specified in the TCP. In addition, the data are checked previous owners car. Within forensic research is also carried out the examination room for the motor vehicle theft vehicle .
Independent examination includes studies such as the examination of the engine, exterior and interior car, and even gasoline , which was poured into the gas tank of a particular vehicle . Usually it is performed when required to establish the cause sudden breakdown vehicle .
This service allows you to determine whether faulty technical condition of the car due to his own misuse , marriage manufacturer or the result of poor unprofessional repairs made in the service station .
Benefits of an independent examination of the car
If you are interested in an objective assessment of injuries sustained during a car accident, will always help an independent examination of the crash , which will provide an opportunity to obtain redress to the fullest extent , especially if an examination of CTP . In fact, it allows you to get more money from the insurance .
Our experts use a variety of acceptable methods and techniques of research , ranging from visual inspection and ending with a highly technical survey .

Thus, independent examination in case of accident , injury or other auto-examination evaluation is now rapidly qualitatively with the preparation of their reports, and literate , allowing the customer to properly represent their interests is in any instance .


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