The chip-tuning of the motor engine of the car

The chip-tuning is a correction or full replacement of the program of steering of the motor engine for the purpose of accretion of its power. Almost each motor engine of the modern car is equipped by an electron control package (ECU-Engine Control Unit) in which there is a memory microcircuit, in other words - the chip. It means, that motor engine work operates ECU by means of the program programmed in it (Soft Ware). The Control package forms control signals for devices of system of fuel delivery, ignition and a turbo-supercharging.

From here follows, that the most important characteristics and motor engine indicators can be improved by means of modification or replacement of the program of engine control. I.e. the initial factory program of work of the motor engine varies on the program tuning. However it is necessary to notice, that on the motor engine to which have made tuning the manufacturer guarantee does not extend. The basic characteristics which usually try to improve is a power, a twisting moment and "throttle response".

The program of work of the microprocessor of the motor engine represents immediately the data processing program (Soft Ware) and one-two-three-dimensional tables with data - calibrations. These calibrations differ for different power setting (start-up, economic, power, ХХ, transitive) and are switched automatically depending on a regimen. Tuning versions of insertions (Soft Ware) differ from factory advanced regimens of cold start-up, a course; increases as much as possible resolved turns of the motor engine, and also in the speed of the car; the changed installations of an ignition dwell angle, sizes of time of injection, are replaced or often even the systems regulating level of toxicity of exhaust gases are disconnected (!!!). The gain of power of the sample motor engine usually makes 5-10 percent, power a motor engine supercharging can be enlarged on 20 or even more than percent.

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What advantages the chip of tuning of the motor engine?

The car with the engine tuning gives to the owner a number of advantages on road:

  • on a line with a heavy traffic of vehicles has more possibility to make maneuvers and speedups at overtakings;
  • high tjagovo-speed characteristics allow to drive easier the car in a city cycle;
  • the chip-tuning is made much faster and more cheaply in comparison with motor engine speeding up;
  • movement is facilitated at full congestion of the car.

In favour of chip-tuning also speaks such fact: «At a car tuning elasticity of the motor engine and a twisting moment sharply increase». It means, that at sharp pressing on a pedal of gas motor engine grab will happen at lower turns and you receive the big intensity of dispersal of the car. Unfortunately, for motor engine chip-tuning monoinjector motor engines, and also some motor engines with system of injection KE-Jetronic do not approach.

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Procedure of tuning of the motor engine of the car

To begin with it is necessary to make complex preliminary treatment of all systems of the motor engine that the end result was affected by any failures. Also it is necessary to learn in advance, whether change of parametres of electron blocks of steering is possible on your motor engine. If change of parametres ECU is possible, from the car is taken out ECU and from it the current insertion (the factory software) is read out. Then it is necessary to change value of the table of parametres so that to receive great values, than in the standard factory program.

For correct modification of the program and, accordingly, improvement of parametres of the motor engine, it is necessary to work with tables of ignition dwell angles, duration of injection and restriction of pressure of forced aspiration. In general, the steering program the modern car has usually to 100 tables, and only 10-20 from them it is possible to modify for power and pull-rod accretion.

For cars of different brands and even models these tables of parametres are especially individual and at ordinary carrying over of an insertion on another ECU the motor engine simply will not be started.

The qualitative chip-tuning of the motor engine costs from $400 to $1000 in Russia.

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