Tuning of Audi R8

Audi R8 is a sports car with the motor engine located in an average part of a body with equipment chiping and one of the most refined indicators among cars in its segment. Developed and made in 2006, this car symbolises many-sided nature of the Audi on road to technologies and design of a body. Originally designed also it is tested on Volkswagen projects, this car has proved the character on road, having shown a fine combination of speed and safety of the mechanism

Tuning of Audi R8 from АBТ

Enthusiasts of the Audi of all globe often ask a unique question: "It is possible or not to make tuning and redesign of this car of dream. It is necessary to calculate an amazing combination of complete sets of the case, the motor engine, complete sets of a suspender and xenon alloys to give to this beautiful car an all-powerful kind on road.

This beautiful car hardly requires body alteration, but can still be tuning with our methods. АBТ has developed one of most it is sports looking aerodynamic projects for Audi R8. The Complete set engages the dark front skirt made of Carboneum strengthened by fibers of plastic. The rear skirt of the same material looks perfect. Lateral blades add a highlight to this remarkable case. Except details of carbon, we will add a carbonaceous leaf suspension to depress downwards the car centre of gravity.

For such world class of the car everyone definitely requires Sports wheels to correspond to correct landing. There is a problem with tubeless tyres. Tyres Michelin's tubeless thin screen is better suit for this car.

Audi R8 requires extremely improved complete set of a suspender to correspond to its speed and a technical configuration. The complete set which cконфигурирован to manipulate 400 kg of crude weight, is better approaches for the design.

Audi Autotuning r8

Some last strokes add a silver linear spoiler, and crystalline backup lamps. Not only that they add the big sports view, but also and provide very necessary balance and stability of a rear. As Audi R8 - the easy car, it certainly requires additional pressure for contact piece to a road carpet.

Audi R8 - really inspired version of extreme engineering and its tuning version will go certainly on streets still long time.

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